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You can spend a relaxing and luxurious time with a lot of nature in Fukui.

“Shirokiya” is a vacation rental house in Katsuyama City, Fukui.

Our vacation rental house was a residence of the previous owner of “Uo-Shiroki” which has been a long established Japanese style restaurant since Taisho Era(1912-1926). It is luxurious. We are proud of our elegant Japanese style garden, which has pine trees and mossy garden stones. You can relax and enjoy the changing of the seasons from the modern Japanese style room. Also, we have prepared plenty of amenities, so we are sure that you can stay here comfortably.


2世帯・3世帯で泊まれるお宿 [志ろきや]

夏休みのご旅行の予定はもう決まりましたか? 福井県内も北陸新幹線開通後、沢山の旅行客にお越しいただいております。 勝山市内、県外ナンバーの車も多いし、公共交通機関も多くの方でにぎわって 恐竜博物館へ多くの方が来られていま […]

民泊なのにひのき風呂!? 貸切民泊「志ろきや」リニューアルOPEN

貸切民泊「志ろきや」(福井県勝山市)はバスルームを中心に改装工事を実施しました。北陸新幹線福井延伸と開業一周年を祝し、2024年4月1日にリニューアルOPENすることをお知らせ致します。 こちらのプレスリリースをぜひご覧 […]

Various Information

Facility Introduction

It is a pure Japanese style vacation rental house full of luxury in Katsuyama City, Fukui Prefecture, the Dinosaur Kingdom of Japan. We recommend our house for families with children, including three generations because you can spend your time in a unique way that is different from hotels or Japanese style hotels.

Access and Sightseeing Spots

From Shirokiya, by car it is 10 minutes to both Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum and Hakusan Heisenji Temple. By car it is also 20 minutes to SKI JAM Katsuyama, and 30 minutes to Daihonzan-Eiheiji Temple. Our house is conveniently located in the center of Katsuyama City, so is the best base for sightseeing.

You can see “Wide Location Map” and “Town Walking Map” from “see more”. Please check our recommended restaurants, sightseeing spots, and how to navigate.

Accommodation Fee and Various Services

You can eat out, prepare your meals in the kitchen, have a BBQ, or it is possible to provide special catering Japanese kaiseki meals. Please enjoy relaxing with your family, or your close friends without being disturbed by anyone.

Before Reserving

Before your reservation, please make sure to read the terms of services. If you agree to all of the terms and contents, please make a reservation.