About Shirokiya


About Vacation Rental House, “Shirokiya”

We would like our guests to spend a heart warming time in our relaxing space. From spring to autumn, you can spend a laid-back time having drinks, or reading at our Japanese style verandah while overlooking the beautifully arranged Japanese garden.

In winter, you can enjoy playing in the snow in the large garden, and we are sure your children will love it. Meals are important during your stay, so you have some options like locally sourced BBQ food or fresh and seasonal local fish Japanese kaiseki meals. We are sure you can be very satisfied with them. It’s good to spend your time in nature and it’s also good to be healed by nature. Please spend your time as you like.

Named 冠雪 -KANSETSU-, snowcap,

Japanese cypress wood bathtub has

reopened since April, 2024

Only genuine Japanese Kiso Cypress can release a graceful fragrance and it can heal you after traveling.

Shirokiya’s wooden bathtub surface is very beautiful. It is made from natural Japanese Kiso cypress, and the same type of wood can be used as materials for an important shrine, Ise Jingu. Skilled craftworkers of Kiso area made it with great care.

We would like our guests to feel the power of the wood, which is over 200 years old, with your whole body while relaxing in it. Please enjoy this extraordinary atmosphere where the steam is fragrant with cypress.

About NEO Bijinga, a Picture of Beautiful Woman in Japanese Art Painted

by a Manga Artist, Higashimura Akiko

In our vacation rental house, Shirokiya, we display a picture of Higashimura Akiko. 

It gives people who see it courage and strength.

( written by an owner of Shirokiya )

I passed by an event hall in Aoyama, Tokyo by chance and was attracted by a picture by a painting of a girl in a kimono wearing a traditional Japanese design mask who is sitting in a relaxed way.

That is how I encountered the picture by Higashimura Akiko.

She looks a little sick and tired because she is wearing a mask even when she is learning Japanese tea ceremony.

A butterfly comes and tries to comfort her, but to me, it seems that she is mumbling, “Can you stay away from me?”

The pandemic completely changed our lives, and forced us to change our behaviors. Even so, this girl is trying to take a stand by making her beautiful with a traditional Japanese design mask.

Though she is sometimes sick and tired, she is still doing all right. I want to enjoy my life no matter how limited it is.

For our start of Shirokiya, I hope to use the power of this energetic picture.

Shirokiya Art Gallery

You can really feel four seasons of Japan at our vacation rental house Shirokiya.

You can enjoy this place in any season. You can feel the seasons below.